1. Rick Pitino isn't helping himself by displaying defiance instead of remorse

    Pitino is still insisting he didn't know about the scheme to pay a prized recruit and refusing to take responsibility for the scandals that led to his firing.

  2. Louisville formally fires athletic director Tom Jurich amid recruiting scandal

    Jurich was once hailed as one of the nation's great athletic directors for elevating Louisville's marquee sports and securing a place for the school in the ACC.

  3. Rick Pitino sues Adidas for damaging his reputation with payment to Louisville recruit

    The scandal-tainted coach is insisting that he had no knowledge of the payment that helped Louisville land McDonald's All-American Brian Bowen.

  4. NCAA hands down no punishment for North Carolina in academic fraud scandal

    The NCAA accused North Carolina of providing extra benefits to athletes by steering them to sham courses where passing grades required little to no work.

  5. Why Sean Miller still has a tough road ahead despite Arizona's support

    Miller faced a barrage of tough questions at Pac-12 Media Day on Thursday, but things may get worse for him as the FBI investigation unfolds.

  6. New NCAA committee to clean up college hoops is unfit to tackle that challenge

    Mark Emmert chose 14 committee members. Astonishingly, hardly any of them have any intimate knowledge of how cheating in college basketball occurs.

  7. While feds get tough on recruiting scandal, NCAA forms a committee

    Considering the NCAA's limited impact over the years, why would there be confidence in a committee to clean up college athletics?

  8. While feds get tough on recruiting scandal, NCAA forms a committee

    How much will the business of basketball change moving forward? As one AAU coach put it, "That's just the way that the culture is right now."

  9. Yahoo Sports' Tank Williams discusses the major week 6 upsets, and how the shakeups effect the college football landscape moving forward.

  10. North Carolina embarrassed the NCAA (and itself) in academic fraud case

    Two top high school basketball stars publicly identified in the federal investigation addressed the scandal on Saturday.