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I hate all-star, home run derby and all that bull crap...you want to make it interesting, heres how....the big complaint is Fox pays a lot of money and to air the game and they want ratings, players don't care that's why some don't bother going...who gets the home field is bullshit, team with best record should, period.  but if you want to motivate these players, pay them, and pay them a lot...players just want cash, they do it for the money, chics and cars...so give them that...Fox should offer each player selected and attends 3 mil each and an additional 5 mil each if you win...offer the winning team a hotel full of groupies and each gets a brand new Aston Martin..now that's my kinda of incentive....as far as the home run derby, it sucks and its too long...how bout todays players vs, yesterdays steroid users..i would like to see a team of Bonds, McGuire, Sosa, A-Rod, etc., vs todays stars..once again the incentives should be huge..like 325 million to the winnerwith that kind of dough, Trout and others wouldn't bow out....turning my attention to the World Cup..real football is cool, in a worldly sort of way, we americans are too fixated on our American sports to realize the beauty...and hot chics..every soccer player dates a hot chic..and their paychecks and groupies rival what we got going on here...America is one tiger woods type of player away from taking over and America will fall in love..one player away....as for LeBron, it was cool what he did..economicaly a big win for Ohio, but hold your horses on a few things..he left Miami because he lost...if he won, he would ve stayed for a four-peat..Wade sucks, Bosh sucks and is not a max player Miami, idiots..plus hes in the closet...and whats the 2 year deal LBJ signs with Cavs with a 0ne year out clause, nice security for the fan base...see the prisoners are running the asylum., that cant be...these owners have to start calling the shots, no more Melo-Drama, "the decision"..how bout these owners start the collusion business again..say to melo, fuck you, you got one minute to sign or see ya..King James, fu...you want to come back sign a lifetime contract or get the hell out..oh and im going to pay you this much...see folks, the more they pay these rent a plyers, the more thay charge you, so in the end, when you spending $500 for a family of 3 to go to a game your partly at fault...just my thoughts....


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