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the next 51…...


Matthew Stafford….has a lot of weapons and if he takes to new scheme, could be top 5 steal

Rueben Randle...i think he will breakout in a big way, but not right away, hence draft position

Cam Newton….i hate the inconsistency and streakeness, and it will continue

Lamar Miller…im not that high on this guy, like him  more if moreno gets hurt

Pierre Garcon….qb a question mark and will have to share targets with d-jax, ugh

Desean Jackson...qb a question mark and will have to share targets with Garcon, ugh

Steven Ridley….never trusted him, never will

Matt Ryan….another qb who can give you huge numbers, good value

Wes Welker...if he plays he will produce..and it seems he will but not on my team

Cordarrelle Patterson….suspect route running and receiving deficiencies but other than that                     

Jordan Reed...ugh with the concussions but proved he can play last year when healthy

Rashard Jennings...i dont know, maybe can be good, maybe score some..but lead back

Percy Harvin...uber talent but injury prone and in a not-so-pass-friendly-offense

Golden tate...could and should put up WR2 numbers cause thats what he is

Reggie Wayne...how old is he? but looks like hes still doing it..

Eric Decker...geno smith aint no peyton manning, aint not even eli either, ouch.

Jason Witten...better o-line will keep him in passing game more, i like but hes a year older

Tom Brady...numbers down, offensive weapons not super but Gronk can change it all

Fred Jackson...he must be on HGH

Jeremy Maclin...if he stays healthy, he will get #’s

Bernard Pierce….Kubiak rb’s always do well

Steven Jackson...can put up #’s i expected last season, if healthy

Terrance Williams...could have good numbers in DAL offense

Andrew Luck...if they turn up the pass game, steal at these levels

Tony Romo...great o-line, porous defense, great supporting cast, just needs health

Jay Cutler...along with the other 2 previous qb’s mentioned, great value, could be huge

Dennis Pita...could be a hidden gem at these levels

Emmanuel Sanders….if Welker hurt, could gobble up a lot of targets

Andre Williams...could vulture td’s but a stash type of player

Kyle Rudolph….norv turner likes this guy, which is a good thing

Zach Ertz….i like his chances for 10 td’s

Jeremy Hill...on a lot of radar screens, so i will hop on board

Kendell Wright...can produce, we all know that but his qb scares me

TY Hilton..did a lot of things i didnt like last year, will play well but not dominant, yet

Kelvin Benjamin...could and should put up decent WR2 numbers

Brandin Cooks...i love this sleeper but don't over reach

Justin Hunter….can be a beast..i would take a shot at him

MJD...i don't like. but will have opportunity

Mark Ingram...may surprise and i like his off season preparation 

Vernon Davis...never had VD and i guess i never will..over hyped 

Dwayne Bowe….not a bad pick later in the draft

Josh Gordon...obvious wild card pick here based on missing 1st 6

Deandre Hawkins...could have some good games for you

Ahmad Bradshaw...T-Rich sucks.he really does until he doesnt. 2 yd’s a carry ouch

Terrence West..may surprise but you will need Tate to go down

Ben Roethlisberger...how many Steeler fans can actual spell his last name?  

Phillip Rivers…..had huge, unexpected year last season..think bolts will throw less in 2014

Jarrett Boykin...huge rewards are possible

Colin Kaepernick...could be ready to go to next level, but has had a poor preseason

Crson Palmer..will have to chuck it and has weapons



Lots of good players remain, in all positions.  Alot depends on your league scoring.  But more than players, the goat believes in thinking outside of the box sometimes.  Yes Fantasy is about numbers but its still a game played by athletes.  There is an emotional and spiritual side to things.  I know most wont talk about it but think for a moment.  How bout those players playing for a contract?  I love that incentive-laden player.  To me it's about the guy who everyone doubts and he comes to camp with a chip on his shoulder and a renewed attitude?  Read between the lines.  Go with your gut sometimes.  The goat is what he is because of such thoughts and made moves that sometimes worked in spectacular fashion. You can do the same.  Study.  Prepare.  Outwork your league.  Be a step ahead.  And keep FSA’ ing it!......



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