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Staying on the Ken Whisenhunt is a genius theme, well if Jake Locker goes down look for rookie Zach Mettenberger to make some noise...Once again Whiz's resume: helped develop Roethlisberger,  revitalized Warner, elevated Rivers back to elite..so this rookie should be on your watch list.


Devin Street. Word is that this kid enjoyed a good camp for the Cowboys and that he possess excellent leaping ability;  he's 6 foot 3 with a 37 inch vertical.   He can be a red zone target that Cole Beasley, Cowboys #4 target can't be. And if you look closer,  the Cowboys #3, 2nd year WR Williams, it's not like he is so solid he can't be overtaken. Keep an eye on this potential gem. 


Norv Turner has always been go to TE's.  And now that he's in Minnesota we like AC Leonard. Once again deep sleeper cause he's behind Rudolph but he posses skills. And look at Turners career work, more recently Jordan Cameron in Cleveland.   You've been alerted. Next. 


In the NFL there is no easier position to play.  Every year dark horses come out of no where to lead.  How many knew about Zac Stacy last year?   Well,  in our research we discovered Terrance West and Isaiah Crowell as the two with best chance to surprise. Just look at the team, if Tate goes down, spells opportunity.   You've been alerted Next.

Stay tuned for our next segment: 

"Skip the Draft. Who cares."

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