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the goat believes that if your team is competitive,  having the right kicker can win you a championship, so it's an important position. If your team sucks, it doesn't matter as much and if your team is loaded and scores ridiculous amount of points weekly, you can simply plug in any kicker, it won't matter.....

It's the usual names that you will see a top of all rankings but I have a few surprises....here are my top 12 kickers to own in order:

1) Gostkowski

2) Hauschka

3) Bailey

4) Crosby

5) Parkey

6) Freese

7) Novak

8) Prater (this is just him alone after missing 4 games. If you combine his totals with his fill in, slot in the 2.5 spot)

9) Tucker

10) Walsh

11) Dawson

12) Brown

Everyone else is a crapshoot/match up play from week to week...actually everyone, realistically,  outside of the top 4 really..those top guys are staples in your weekly line up, thats it. good luck.


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