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Well that was something, or nothing depending on your lineup...but like always, some stars produced, some didn't,  some unknowns did and now should be on your radar and some preseason feel good stories should be laid to rest....so what did we learn in week1. .like every year, NOTHING...but this is the time you start monitoring what's going on...which players are getting the touches, the vulture TD's,  that kind of stuff...remember the goat preaches "outsmarting and out working your opponents...get the "top pickups" weeks in advanced,  unlike these schmucks that blow their load and their waiver slot for a one week wonder..stick to goats philosophies and strategies, and soon enough you too can sit atop your league of ordinary fantasy hasbeens.....U just been goat'd.

Here's some names who you can tuck away on you bench...

Zach Ertz TE

Bobby Rainey RB

Carlos Hyde RB

Denard Robinson RB



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