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ATLANTA FALCONS: the falcons are exactly what I thought they would be...Ryan is a legit QB1 and an elite QB1 indoors...Julio is back and can dominate...elite..some one I would trade for...and Roddy not bad for WR2..and that's it for their offense..don't like their RB situation or their TE options...kicker and DEF, nah...

CAROLINA PANTHERS...and at 2-1 not bad start...I still think they over achieved last year an don't some regression coming...and send I think it will be CAM regression too..just don't see those extra runs for TD's anymore.. but his track record says top 5..but too inconsistent weekly for my taste. ..but I do like Benjamin...he's the only wide out they have really...and TE solid with Olsen especially that it's a scarce for talent position...kicker.no thanks...DEF, despite last week's spanking is a weekly start..till they show inconsistencies. ..

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS. ..Brees, despite sloooowwwww start,  is, well, Drew Brees..own him. COOKS is the WR to own but Colston is still relevant..and Stills can be a bye week fill in, just not trustworthy for weekly lineups..Graham, despite his slow start, just like Brees, is a monster and that position is scarce..RB Ingram was getting it done till he got hurt but Robinson is a good fill in until he returns...Thomas not bad but I wouldn't start him weekly...I don't trust kicker or DEF. ..

TAMPA BAY BUCS....the goat is not surprised in the least that the McCown experiment has failed....There is a reason he's been a backup for all these years...Glennon cause of injury will be back and will help but not on my team...move on.. what the f' happened to Doug Martin ..was a beast 2 years ago...well he's healthy now and this is his last chance for RB1 Ranking...If not avoid cause then Rainney and him will be Sharing carries...and unlike what I tell my son "sharing is caring"..sharing in fantasy means sucks balls and move on...As far as WR is concerned,  I never owned Jackson.why? Cause he's too inconsistent...8/125/2td is followed up by 3/45/0..not my thing...Evans no opportunity yet...no TE to talk about and kicker and DEF no way....


Cousins is the new Eli..guess all that talk about him taking over for RG3 was premature..can not trust him but you can stream him....He also got Paul clobbered and concussed,  so he's done and Garcon and Jackson killed many fantasy teams last night...remember when Thursday's games were low scoring?  Now they're blowouts...kudos to Eli.  He's playing well ( I still think he sucks and would never start him in fantasy) but Donnell..wow...3TD's can never be predicted but as we've been pounding the table here at FSA,  he's been getting targets since game 1..own till the clock strikes midnight..but with only a 4 game track record don't over pay...As for WR Randle was legit and will get better and Cruz is at least an WR2 now...DEF and kicker are both streamable but not weekly must starts. ..

I'm thegoat.  I'm done for today. Peace.

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