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BUFFALO BILLS...what the f*ck were they thinking drafting EJ Manuel?..i just don't know how its possible that teams consistently have people in authority that make these horrific choices...this is how I evaluate the Bills...avoid the QB, their RB's, their TE , WR's, kicker and DEF...how bout that fantasy aliens?
MIAMI DOLPHINS...ok, their QB aint great, never was (does have a hot wife though) and should play a bit better but hes no more than a QB2..i think the coach sucks...Wallace is WR1 but not elite, so hold...TE pass, and as for RB, Moreno was doing it, now its Miller time and I think he can get the job done..but hes not to be overpaid for...
NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS...Brady, is just not the same rainmaker, plain and simple..Gronk, is just not the same either but hes still good enough in a scarce position that he will be top 5 and if he gets healthier and his reps are increased he can elevate himself to elite status again and help Brady out as well...their RB situation sucks..i would avoid, what? you want to deal with Vereen and Ridley weekly?..well not right now you don't..Edelman is cool, solid stats, especially in PPR's, but that's it...kicker one of the best and DEF can be a quality stream with right matchup...
NEW YORK JETS..Rex sucks..i will tell you why?..the guy still don't care about his offense..all he says now is Marty is in charge of offense..what?..well then Rex, why don't you quit and be a defensive coordinator, cause that's what youre good at...as far as Geno is concerned, he is what he is..if you watched him in college, its just like now: he teases you with good games and then squat...but he was a 2nd round pick and then Jets can eventually move on, unlike the Buffalonians with Manuel...I do like Decker, but as a WR2 but hes hurt and I am telling you, hes underrated but I like Kerley, but both he and Decker, if either one of them were starting on my team I would be trading them in a package..not good enough..TE Amaro is someone to watch, keep eye on reps and targets..now to the RB's, Ivory is not a weekly starter and CJnomore2k is done as an RB1..neither is recommended...kicker ok and DEF is eh, but not elite and not weekly definite start..
stay tuned for AFC SOUTH...

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