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dis I ever tell you people that I hate Thursday night football?..well I do..but GB did what we expected..Rodgers, yes! Lacy, finally! Nelson, yes!, Cobb, yes! and for Vikings, Ponder sucks, and WR Pattersen nothing yet, and I like McKinnon a lot but Asiata still there,,,,
Texans: I hate the qb, never play him..AJ still worth starting but more WR2..wr Hopkins is picking it up and is definitely worth plugging in your lineup..if you have RB Foster you should have Blue, play which ever starts...DEF can be lethal and worth playing and kicker ok..
Cowboys...Romo is not being asked to do more than just not lose the game and hes more QB2 right now...RB Murray, is best in game right now but hes also on pace for a record number of carries, play till he dies or even sell super high, I am not opposed to that..WR Dez legit WR1 and Williams, will be inconsistent but playable..TE not excited about Witten, unless your league score for blocking...DEF is better but I wouldn't trust but kicker is top 5..
Bills..well we told you, EJ sucks..trying to save his job, head coach inserts Orton..i wouldn't play him yet but he cant be worse..bump for entire offense and to me that means WR Watkins..i avoid Spiller/Jackson headache, TE nothing, DEF ok but kicker, eh..
Lions..Stafford is a start..RB is all Bush this week, good play..Megatron always a start and Tate ok..TE Ebron starting to assert, worth a stash..DEF no thank you and kicker, eh...
Browns..QB is ok but only as a bye week fill in..RB, despite Tate rumblings, Crowell is the best talent, I always bet on that..WR Gordon practicing, try to steal and stash..Cameron TE has the talent but hes also hurt, ugh..DEF getting roughed up and kicker, eh..
Titans...QB Locker is a no play for me but hes got talent around him..RB is all about the Bishop, hope you've been listening..WR Wright and im telling you watch Hunter, its almost time for "that game", hes got talent..TE Walker is playable but not DEF and kicker, eh...
Ravens..i never like QB for fantasy..WR, I must admit I was a non-beliver of Steve Smith, im sorry, great start..but I like Torrey, a lot..buy low on him..with TE Daniels id=f your desperate..RB, forget Forsett and Peirce, I like Tali, hes got best talent..kicker good and DEF too..
Colts..what a start for Luck, but this defense is toughest yet, but you never sit..RB is all Bradshaw, T-Rich sucks horse c*ck..WR's Hilton, Wayne ok but neither is elite..TE Allen over the others but inconsistent cause Lucks spreads the love..DEF, I pass, kicker, ok...
Bucs..i don't like QB..RB Martin is not 2012 Martin and Rainey around, good luck if you got that mess..WR Jackson is a start but ive never owned in my PPR's, never..Evans hurt but I like TE ASF, he can play if your in a pinch, hes a pick up and watch if he takes the next step..DEF and Kicker no...
Saints..Brees, is like #10 so far, ouch..but you have to play..RB is all Khiry to me, play...WR is Cooks, Colston and Stills in that order..TE Graham is the best..DEF avoid and kicker is playable..
Falcons..top offense in league..QB is legit, WR Jones is WR1 and White WR2..RB's are avoidable..TE too..DEF sucks and kicker ok
Giants..QB Eli is playing better, really better but he still sucks and would never play on my team, ever..RB Jennings deserves lots of credit for offensive turnaround and O-line too..play him hes RB1and can have monster game..WR Salsa is back but more WR2.. I like Randle, I would definitely pick up and wait for the signs to play..TE Donnell wont play himself in fantasy but I would..DEF, no, kicker no..
Rams..QB Davis playing well and can be played for bye week fill in but I don't trust any of the WR's and any of the RB's right now, I look for elite talent and I see none..TE not excited..DEF, um not that good and K  Legzilla , eh..
PHI..QB Foles, is ok..RB McCoy, biggest bust so far..but I would buy low, hes got to pick it up, hes got to..WR is Maclin and everyone else right now and TE Ertz is too inconsistent, be careful..DEF and kicker are forgettable...
Bears..QB Cutler can do it..RB Forte can but defense is a bit tough..WR is all Marshall and Jeffrey and Holmes (just kidding Holmes sucks moose c*ck)..TE Bennett is finally putting it together, play him..DEF avoid, kicker ok..
Panthers...QB Newton hasn't started running but hes too inconsistent for me, even though at end of season hes always got numbers..WR Benjamin is an every week start..RB Reaves gets his chance..i hope you've been listening..hes talented, I hope he does it.TE Olson is steady WR1..DEF is not as good as last year but good and kicker, eh...
Steelers..QB Big Ben will have a good game..RB Bell was my sleeper top RB pick all year long..WR Brown is the best WR1, why? in fantasy its all about points, he gets the points and consistently, the best of both worlds..and I like Wheaton..TE Miller had good game last week  but low end..DEF is avoidable and kicker, eh...
Jaguars..i like QB Bortles..RB's no..the Gerhardt experiment disaster so far, and I don't love former qb Robinson..WR, well not Shorts, Blackman is in rehab, so I guess its Hurns and that other dude,,but watch Bortles, he distributed the ball to everyone last week...TE could be sneaky play, I would pick up..DEF sucks and kicker, eh...
Cardinals..QB, Stanton, not on my team...WR's are both WR2 Floyd and WR Fitz WR3..RB is all Ellington, play..TE, nothing, DEF is good and kicker, eh..
Broncos..always play QB Manning..RB Ball has been disappointing but I would buy low..WR1 Thomas has not lived up to my hype but hes WR1..Sanders and Welker are playable..TE is a start..DEF is good and kicker is McManus, own him and own Prater if he goes to good offense...
Jets..QB avoid..WR Decker has performed but hes a bit hurt, playhim if he plays..i like WR kerley too.TE no..RB is Ivory, ok, but hope you have better starter..DEF I wouldn't start wekly, kicker eh..
Chargers..QB Rivers is back to elite..RB Brown not..start only if you have to..WRAllen is WR1 and showed last week..Royal will fade, sell high..TE Gates can still do it, just not elite anymore..DEF ok and I like kicker...
Chiefs..QB Smith can play..RB Charles always a start and Davis is the handcuff..WR, nah..TE is all Kulce, playing great..DEF can play and kicker too..
49ers..QB Kaep,ok, did not take next step, yet...RB Gore is always a start..WR Crabtree is WR1, Boldin been quiet and TE Davis is banged up, but start if plays..DEF is a play and kicker too..
Seahawks...QB Wilson is good and all but not for fantasy..play RB Lynch, always..i don't trust any WR's and that includes Harvin..TE Wilson will start and has super talent, pick up as flier if you need to..DEF is best..kicker too..
Redskins..QB Cousins, no. but Jackson and Garcon WR's yes..TE is a question mark..i like Paul but Reed coming back soon..RB is Morris and hes a start..DEF and kicker, no..
Bengals..QB Dalton, I guess, nut not for me..WR Green is WR1 and look out for WR Jones if he can get healthy..WR Sanu a reach..RB is Gio but I would start Hill too in this game..DEf is good and kicker, eh..
Patriots..team sucks..QB Brady sucks..RB's suck..WR's suck..TE Gronk is only one..DEF sucks but I licker the kicker..
goat luck to all...

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