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Chargers...top pick. why? they play Oakland and they looked great against Jets

Seahawks..at home against fumble machine Murray and then there is Romo

Lions...even if Bridgewater plays, lions DEF is playing well

49ers...still a good D.

Broncos...need I say more than this..vs. NYJ

Giants...team playing well..McCoy hasn't, Sproles slowed down and Foles can get picked




Ravens...angry after loss vs Colts and going against Bucs

Cardinals..better play if Petersen suits up, nonetheless Cousin may throw picks

Patriots...on fire and division game against team they own

Bengals...took a beating against Pats, so ive dropped them

Panthers...DEF not as good as last years unit but they do go against Dalton and no AJ, which will mean they can stuff the run

Titans...home and against Jags, Bortles is good but will make mistakes


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