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the goat top 12 QB's for week 6
Manning...he will eat Jets porous secondary alive..best qb again
Luck...(Thursday night)..has elevated his game no matter the opponent
Rivers...he will do to the Raiders what he did to the Jets
Rodgers...the "calm down" qb is taking up a notch now
Ryan..,,home dome kid will be doing it, beastly!
Cutler...could be, should be, will be shoot out in the ATL
Foles...I see him having a real good game, chip Kelly style
Wilson...will put up his numbers against this Dallas DEF
Hoyer...sneaky play this week, considering for my FanDuel team
Brady...brady's back, back again (Eminem style)..hes pissed
Manning, Eli...I cant  believe im saying this, hes startable lately in a "I hate his guts kinda way"
Flacco...playing well and I think Bucs stop run but not pass
goat luck to all

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