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From the Isle - Islanders beat Rangers, Rebirth of a Rivalry? I won't say...


Brock Nelson 7pts in 3 games




The Islanders win 6-3 IN the world's most famous eviction arena…and move to 4-0 on the year.  I know it's 3-0, but I feel any time they beat the Rangers it's like winning twice -- winning a game, and beating the Rangers.  Unfortunately it does only count once so after 3 games this team is 3-0.  Not half bad, but not all that surprising.  And as for the rivalry…well, I'm not going to say it's all the way back just yet.  I won't do that.  I won't say that the Islanders are the better team this year.  I simply won't.  I won't say that the Rangers made it all the way to the Stanley Cup finals with pure luck and facing bad goalies.  Nah, you can't make the finals in hockey on luck.  Just can't say that.  I won't say that the Islanders will have the better record when the teams meet again.  I won't.  And I won't say that Amanda Bynes looks hotter the crazier she gets...anyway, my thoughts on the game aside from the obvious:

- Conacher is fast and had jump from the start.  He was very involved and seems to fit well on the first line.  But when the team goes through that drought of 7 games scoring 2 goals or less, you'll need to have Grabovski on the first line.

- I don't know why I can't just accept that Okposo is officially a great hockey player.  It's like I'm still scared he'll just become really bad one day and I don't know why.  It feels like a 1.5 year farce.  I think he may need to keep it up forever.

- Strome is a better version of Bailey, but Bailey is not completely useless.  Close, but not completely.

- Clutterbuck needs to be maximized.  Playing well, but there's more we can be getting out of him.

- Hickey is far from the worst Defensemen on the team

- Griffin Reinhart should spend a good portion/most of the season developing in the minors.  He's not ready.  Try Donovan next game.

- Team will get better with De Haan

- Can I really be wondering if this night would have happened if the Rangers re-signed Brian Boyle?  Is that possible?

- Nash confirms his regular season greatness…will make the post-season disappointment that much sweeter

- Ryan McDonagh is a little too hot/cold for me given his hype

- I still only understand half of what Butch Goring is talking about

- I think Shannon Hogan is hot.  There, I said it.  Thanks MSG for being geniuses.

Isles win, next games is Thursday at home against the Sharks.  Will be a challenge - bigger than this lousy Ranger team.  But for now, let's celebrate with some Papa Johns.

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