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From the Isle...By Youngblood

After 2 tough losses that threw everything in our lives into question, the Islanders came away with an impressive victory IN Boston tonight. 






They pretty much picked up where they left off last game…controlling play early in the game and having it continue in a dominant second period.  It never hurts to play against a team's backup goalie, especially when he's a rookie.  But the goals they scored were good enough and a quality effort deserves points.  Sure, they may had to channel their inner 1980 USA team with the way that last 8 minutes was…but having the lead is a good thing again, and sometimes it simply puts you in a position to win.  If this team is for real, they win games like this and don't leave just feeling lucky.  Some additional thoughts:

- Kulemin sure looks good on that top line.  After 3 strong games Conacher has slipt a bit.  Love his energy and speed but you have to find a way to contribute when you're playing on the top line

- Chad Johnson is a breath of fresh air.  His style (very little movement) is exactly what they need.  And I love a big goalie…don't you?

- Visnovksy is really good.  I think most people forgot that.

- How was there no call on the slash on Conacher's stick as he was about to have a breakaway?  Sure it would have been better if the stick broke (or the slasher used 2 hands), but still - that was blatant.

- Of course the other team always scores after a missed call

- Clutterbuck…there's still more there.  He's untapped.

I'm tapped.  Great win tonight for Islander country.  Legitimizes their record and shows they're legit.  More than any other game this year.  Now the fun begins...

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