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..RIP to Stuart Scott, the 1st to be bring swag to ESPN...love the big NBA trade last night for all involved... READ MORE
Carmelo Anthony, just another example of money 1st, everything 2nd...think about it, he could have been on the Bulls...Phil Jackson never wanted to be the GM but he took the money, 10 mil a year...lol..too early to be scared off about the Cavs, no great teams in East...the Cowboys were handed a gift n Sunday, but so what? it happens..remember Brady and the "Tuck"..the named a rule after that..but I will tell you this, Lions tougher matchup for Cowboys than the Packers..Dallas survived that game, and I think they have a great chance of winning against the Pack..they will be able to control the ball and keep the injured Rodgers off the field...as for the other games: Ravens, Pats biggest nemesis but I think Pats win this one..Broncos win against the Colts, despite Manning having a "dead" arm and Im rooting for ther Panthers and the big upset...shout out to that little girl who not only survived the plane crash but walked a mile in the woods alone to safety, come'on..she has no family now but I truly wish her the best..unlike the Kardashians, im sorry tired of them, don't get me wrong, I would bang them all, mother and grandmother incuded, but im just tired..and now Kanye is sining lullaby's, im done..speaking of the 2014 wrap up, check out Uncle Murders rap, its off the hizzy, took the prize away from skillz this year..love that new track from Drake 6God and the Drake/Nicky/Lil Wayne too, no not only but Truffle Butter!!...support the Police, when you in trouble, who you gunna call, Ghostbusters?..and support all military, fighting to keep us safe here, so you fucking can have your Strbucks and your Olive Garden meals..Im a big Fan of Brooklyn Nets' Sergey Karasev, spotted walking into the Four Season Hotel Miamai at 5 AM on a game day, nonetheless, with three strippers..BALLER..Im rooting for A-Rod to have a huge year..i like rooting for the underdog, what can I say...Piazza used steroids but he should still go into HOF, so should Bonds, Clemens...I have to admit, im not a fan of social media..i hate it all....and you know I also hate that Governor of NJ is at every Cowboy game...I will end off with this..my "new hot chic of the week" is Nicole Adamo..
...till next time...goatspeed

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