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...FSA headquarters on complete lockdown!!!..... 
...free speech is not safe anymore..."Je Suis Charlie"  "Le Fuuk Le Terroistas"...hey 60 Minutes Steve Kroft, big up you dirty dog, wow, Viagra has changed the game for the older generation....speaking of sex stuff, love the stories about the Pimp of Palm Beach, any surprise he's be sties with Clinton...to my followers out in China, who prefer companionship with another male, check out the app BLUED... NY Rangers are looking real good but don't sleep on the Long Island Nassau County Islanders out of the East..still think Chicago is team to beat overall...Jamies Winston is going to the NFL, is Tampa and Lovie ready to take him no.1, I wouldn't but I think they have to, Ouch....Potential of Winston, Marriota, etc. vs. No Brainer like Andrew Luck, there lies a big difference...and no Luck is not bearded up to look like a hipster, he's just afraid of razor burn...big up to Rick Ross, 8 new face tattoos and one being Miami Heat logo, true fan...GM LeBron James back at it again , trades away part of future with two 1st round picks going to Denver for center Mosgov..believe it or not, the goat approves...I'm a Shameless fan, the Showtime show, it's comical cause it's real....a big FU U should be executed today, to that father in Florida who threw his 5 year old daughter off a bridge...the goat wouldn't even have a trial, just execution...so what Jon Jones is on Coke...mayor DeBlasio of NYC, is smoking week in Gracie Mansion and what he does affects us more....speaking of weed, the goat has part of his vast equities portfolio invested in weed stocks..wake up America, we are all getting stoned...Rodgers had a week off and yet still hasn't practiced in preparation of the cowboys, if I were a fudge Packer fan, I wouldn't R E L A X....that's it for now...

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