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..congrats to Rutgers.

.............they can now claim they play in the same conference as the National Champs..





congrats to Urban Meyer too, 3rd Title, 2nd with with a different team..last night was a case of the better coach won..Meyer is the kind of guy, if you give him time to prepare, he will beat you..im on board with Belicheck too, best HC in the NFL, cause he can make a difference between winning and losing, "check the rulebook" Harbaugh....im not a john fox fan, hes good but hes 60 with a heart condition, but hes just not the winning it all type, I will pass...I have an idea for the NY Giants: get Peyton Manning..yes, you heard right...let Peyton play during the regular season, you make the playoffs, then let Eli play, and you will go all the way and win the SuperBowl!!...im sorry but Dez's catch was a catch...and I do like Rodgers but now I have to hear this "Willis Reed" hype on him, ugh...nice head butt Garnett, Howard is a pussy...how good have the Pistons been since trading away J-Smoove?!...San Diego Padres outfield is sick on paper: Upton, Kemp and Myers..and yet the Mets still can't find a SS..and Yankees now have 2 hitting coaches?..thats nothing, NJ Devils have 3 Head Coaches...todays fight with wife: "honey our cable bill is $284 dollars..."so, you know I need all of my 522 channels! just pay the bill and shut up!"..life was simpler back in the early goat days when there was only CBS,NBC and ABC...ugh...the goat's hot chic of the day is actress Nina Dobrev..all you EDM fans, listen to Jennifer Lawrence's Hanging Tree...anf for all you baller hip hop types, tune into Fabulous' Lituation...

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