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So we are down to the final 4 in the NFL....




.......and the goat thinks Pats vs. Seahawks is the Super Bowl participants...that being said, isn't it fun that Rex Ryan, by choosing to be a Buf Bill, he gets to play against Jets and Pats twice a year...Todd Bowles, I think you can do it! great hire in OC Gailey, hes done some great things in past....NFL has another problem, their officiating-rulebook-replay-systems are all in a crisis...just get back to the basic..Tomsula new HC of 49ers, oh boy, good luck...Mariota to the NFL, good chance he will be a bust...Nascar driver Kurt Busch believes his ex girlfriend is, was a trained assassin, lol...Foria, a pot sex spray, hitting shelves next week in Colorado, why not!!..goat is all about aphrodisiacs...on another note, former tri-athlete, American icon, kardashian, yes Bruce Jenner, is slowly becoming a woman before our very eyes, hilarious..heard about the wife in China who cut off her husband's penis twice?, now you did...Google Paige A. Jennings.quits her Wall Street Internship to get into porn..says she can't stop masturbating at work!!!!#/;,!&/*#:\!;&";&


.......till next time, goatspeed


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