Seahawks versus Patriots.... two teams, top two seeds...should be a great Superbowl




the goat thinks the Pats will pull it off...Belicheck and Brady need it in the worst way, their legacy depends on it....but the Seahawks are tough, despite the crying of Wilson...dude, I understand the emotions of a game but seriously Russell, seriously??....Brady would never cry, so that's why I'm picking him to as I write this, the NFL is investigating the Patriots for cheating, again, this time for how the balls were inflated or 2015 draft by the goat out by end of week...check out Amber Rose's recently released pics, OMG, that chic got curves boy!...Steelers are asking themselves WTF bout Blount...see, only Belicheck can get this weed-smoking plodder  to play like All-Pro...happy MLK Day, you young goats should learn about the man and what he stood for...sorry to pro golfer Allenby  for getting his ass kicked while getting robbed, over in Myanmar are sniffing glue to forget their hungry...the goat is about to jump on this new diet fad at once...Mad Max and his agent Mad Boris got their!!! not so sure about it in a year or two but the Nationals just put together an unbelievable putting staff...and also put a dagger in the Mets chances of winning next year....the Wilpons suck...turning to the NBA for a second, I can't believe what the Hawks have done...this Popavich protégé has been a godsend...that's the kind of hire that changes a franchises' fortunes...wowzer!! Best record in East!! More surprising than Memphis or Golden pathetic are the Knicks?!...Melo, 'how you doin?'...latest conversation with wife; "honey go get us breakfast"..'I don't think it's a good idea, looks icy outside'.."stop being a pussy, just go"...'okay' conclusion: pussy is no match for black ice...


the goat..till next time...goatspeed 

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