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.....oh they did it this time...the Pats have now topped Spygate with Ballgate..





and the NFL is none too happy...see, the goat can appreciate a good con, a nice planned out scam, so I ain't mad at Patriots or their leader Bill, it's frigging awesome though that they got caught!..more sources in the NFL ate telling me Bill might be facing a suspension, as long as an entire season, ouch...we will see...I did want to start off today's 'goat thoughts' by acknowledging God, just like these athletes do, because God is only here for me, to give me the ability to conquer the world, and without God, who is only mine,  one of this could have happened.. oh wait, I must be wrong, God is Russell Wilson's, cause that was God's plan for him to suck all game until the final minutes...how bout BeastMode and his latest crotch grabbing, what's that all about?...one moment he acts like he's been there then the next he acts like a fool? I will go with fool, but he's a heck of a player, and the true star of the offense, he carried that team to the win, not Russell or his God...Trent Richardson is the biggest bust of a RB I have ever seen...see lynch wasn't good till he went to Seattle but TRICH should have thrived in Indy..he's done...like the new OC for Raiders saying he's shifting the whole offense to cater to RB Murray..the goat will remember that during fantasy draft....hey Marrone, hope you're enjoying you're 4 million..you walked away from one of 32 NFL headcoaching positions in the world cause you thought you would get the Jets job and now look at you.offensive line coach in Jacksonville, hysterical....Dallas never intended to sign Murray that's why they ran him to death..but will resign him if no one else overpays...dynasty leaguers prepare for Randle....the goat is also secretly hearing the Broncos are hoping Manning retires...oh and let's see how good Seattle is going to be next year when they have to pay Russell and his God 20million...look for CJ Spiller to the Jets...okay enough of football..hurry up everyone and pre-order Kim K's new book coming out in May, hurry!!...kid rock and Ted Nugent killed a cougar, how dare they?..who gives a flying f#ck at least it wasn't a goat...check out JoeyBada$$ people...like that "take me to church tune"....


...till next time...goatspeed..

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