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..goatland...I'm back...that's all.



Okay, maybe that's not all...so where does the goat begin, should I tell tall tales that rival NBC's Brian Williams to make my life seem adventurous? Or should I just tell a somewhat truth about being in AZ for Super Bowl and was hanging with Warren Sapp on the wrong day and at the wrong time?...or should the goat discuss the strained negotiations with FSA to an exclusive writing agreement, where at one point the Kommissioner offered me bread and water to sign?...nah let's just pick up on a few things that are on my mind...the Patriots win another  close Super Bowl shrouded in controversy...Russell 'crybaby' Wilson should take all the blame, he through a shitty pass and his GOD let him down...best offsets on so far: Cleveland Browns, see jet fans, it can be worse...wow, pitchers and catchers reporting soon, the goat can't wait...RIP Dean, big fan...are the Cavs for real?..YES...I think they take East..West a toss up, but Clips have a lot of pressure; especially Paul..so Bills sign bully Icognito, I don't have a problem with that, but Coach Ryan talking him up and saying he was a must get tells me same ol Ryan..good luck bill fans...so who cares if Bruce Jenner is becoming a woman?..the whole world cares...can't wait for the interview and series...Mayweather vs Pacquiao talks have hit a snag, no, really?...I know Madonna is 56 and what she wore at the Grammys was inappropriate, but who cares, the more tots and as I see, I say the better...speaking of T&A, off to a legs and eggs brunch and my local strip club.....till next crime...goatspeed.


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