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...goatland....my thoughts...its eerily quiet in sportsland right now but it will start ramping up shortly..



NFL Combine and free agency...MLB spring training..March Madness..NBA, NHL playoffs, all coming..till then here we go...im not into the NBA all-star stuff, maybe im just too old, its for kids...but i am tired of f'n athletes who dont like to participate..listen privileaged mill;ionaires..you guys have an obligation..from Marshawn Lynch, Kevin Durant, Tim Duncan..you all make the money you do from us, the fans..if it werent for us fans, you wouldnt PERIOD. you dont like the media?, well how about we pay you wages from the 1960's then, before all your sports leagues were billion dollar enterprises off of our backs, how bout that bitches?...Hall &Oates doesn't nearly get enough credit..you young chicken heads should listen to their greatest hits and learn something...is it just me, Kanye West is supposedly this fashion guru but everytime i see him hes wearing a t-shirt, jeans and construction boots..i dont get it..stick to music, no, stick to rap, this pop star-rock-n-roll shit you doing is making me sick...to my goaters in Boston, sorry, better you than me with those 96 inches of white hell...Can our President utter the words "Islamic", atleast once?....the goat is acquiring weaponry as we speak..im anti-violence, but these ISIS dudes are f'n crazy....come on A-Rod, a letter, you penned a letter??..us fans deserve more..joe biden is creepy..krispy kreme had a kkk promotion?american sniper is a hero.  thats it. Kentucky is good but odds are still against them to go undefeated and win the Tourney...whispers are that Mariota is legit and will prove it at combine..i would never draft headcase Winston..never...oh and Anderson Silva fails another drug test..i guess it helps you win in the UFC, you think?...thats it for today...


...till next time...(my FSA contract states a minimum of one piece a week and until i get more incentives from Kommish, that all you get)...goatspeed

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