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...this weekend, along with freezing temperatures and additional snow, the goat spent some time and participated in 3 different mock drafts..12 team .standard 5x5 league...ladies and gentlemen, here is your 1st round....



1.  Mike Trout

2.  Clayton Kershaw

3.  Andrew McCutchen

4.  Paul Goldschmidt

5.  Miguel Cabrera

6.  Giancarlo Stanton

7.  Jose Abreu

8.  Jose Bautista

9.   Adam Jones

10. Carlos Gomez

11. Yasiel Puig

12. Felix Hernandez


....a bit underwhelming if you ask me...but this is the state of affairs in MLB these days... these names all appeared in the 1st round in all 3 of my drafts, albeit in a somewhat of a different order...so what does the goat think?..glad you asked...the goat never drafts any pitchers early, never..and when it comes to hitters or position players, I always pick an all-around 5 tool player than can fill the stat sheet....Trout is the undisputed no-brainer No. 1 pick...after that its a crapshoot...I think you win your league with sleepers, break out players, players of that ilk...stay tuned for goat's thoughts on those gems....


...till next time, goatspeed.

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