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...the goat really didn't want to rant this morning but there are just some things I need to get off my brain....now a quick plug for our sponsor...Rumson's.smooth, sweet, memorable.. www.rumsons.com





..now back to the action at hand.the Mets being the Mets, just fucked their fan base who are waiting for opening day to see Colon pitch, that's right, not Harvey, huh?...Cat Barber from NC State is my new favorite athlete name...wow the Cowboys are getting crucified for signing thug, felon, proven guilty woman beater BUT he is Uber talented and if they didn't sign him someone else would've...I'd like to see some remorse and a public display of anti-violence against women campaign and give him a second chance..speaking of that WTF with Darren Sharper..from NFL player, Super Bowl champion to rapist doing 20 years in a plea deal..shyt is crazy in the streets...a big congrats to an old friend of goatland; Stephon Marbury just won his third Chinese Basketball title..who said he wasn't a winner?..NBA MVP?..the goat is still deciding between Harden and Westbrook...leaning towards "the beard", though...I think both the NHL and NBA titles are up for grabs with no clear favorite..not 100% sold on Golden State in b-ball...speaking of championshios, sorry to my cricket followers, the goat just can't get into it..that's all for now..

...goatspeed. and to our sponsor:


Rumson's Rum, Life Lived Life Enjoyed



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