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...ah, the Final Four of Kentucky, Duke, Wisconsin and Michigan State..not bad..KU for the win and its place in history, I say, but I wouldn't mind if Wisconsin did it, its a goat type of team...





with most all NFL free agents signed, the focus towards the draft is zeroing in on the few stories of the draft, one, is Winston the no.1 pick, yes!, two, are the Titans going to take Mariota, iffy, three, are the Raiders going to take WR's White or Cooper?, white is my pick cause they like his speed, and I hope the Jets draft Cooper, and obviously a lot more intrigue....turning to baseball, I never really understood why they have this rule about eligibility and team control, so a kid like super stud Bryant for the Cubs has to now start in the minors, theres got to be a way to solve such stuff..i understand the economics of it all, but still...keep an eye on Tijuan Walker, Tyrone Ross, Michael Pineda, Drew Pomeranz, some of the backend kind of guys the goat likes to gamble on in the draft...as a matter of fact, Id draft all Oakland and NY Mets pitchers..i like their home field for pitchers and both team ERA's will be sub 4.00...too bad for Durant, with that whole bone graft, and I think OKC might look to move on from him, yes you heard correctly...im not sure he is resigning to I would trade him for a top 3 pick...how bout this..imagine if he were on the Knicks next year?, wowwee..plus its Westbrook's team now, build around him...but just think for a moment, OKC had Harden too, ouch...last week I declared Harden my MVP, and I heard it via nasty tweets that I left out Chef Curry..you're right, I did..i know what hes done, its been magical..but its the same reason I aint voting for LeBron, I expected it...Harden has nobody, not even close to what these other two guys have as far as players, and Dwight Howard has been injured when he hasn't been an average 7 foot bum...so there...so the Rangers bring back the King, and have lost 2 in a row..controversy?, nah...but they need to win the Cup, they are ready but the its up for grabs, lots of good teams in the East and West...oh, one last thing, when is anyone going to talk about Tiger Woods' downfall had more to do with steroids than it did Viagra?...


...............till next crime, goatspeed.

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