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.....just some thoughts on a few subjects, let's start with MLB...if you have Adrian Gonzalez (11 for 13 and 5 hr's) your excatic





and if you have Ryan Braun, (1 for 13) and injured a bit, well you're not...that being said, I see some trends...Mets will not win cause management and their moves, or lack there of, will hold them back....but Matt  Harvey aka Black Knight is ridunkulous!!..I'm a believer and a buyer...Arod with a homer...San Diego Padres, the anti Mets, are to be reckoned with after this Kimbrel trade, after all 12 of their trades..wow...Cleveland Indians are my sleeper pick..I just like what they've got in terms of SP, enough hitting, great manager and front office...so much baseball yet to play, come on Giancarlo!..NHL..ok,so the Ise-slanders are backing into the playoffs, what happened?..lots of pressure on the Rangers...watch out for Canadiens, 24 years in a row making the playoffs? Nice consistency but I'd take championships...west is wide open..in the end it's a crapshoot or team with the hot goalie...to the NFL..in getting antsy for the draft...PGA..not bad Tiger but  that Speith dude is sick..long way to go....NBA...LeBron, The true King is the best and annually the mvp..more later..



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