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..............ok the goat will expand on that....This years' playoffs its all about the Rangers...the team is the best team in the NHL this year, they have a great goaltender, they are well coached, hungry and healthy..now, can they handle the pressure?....
the goat thinks if they get out of the East, they win it all but I have a feeling the Montreal Canadiens will be there to spoil the party....but since the goat is a red-blooded American, I can't and  wont predict the Stanley Cup winner to be a French-Canadian team,,,but it can happen, especially with Price...not to get ahead of his goatself, heres how the first round will play out...
First Round Predictions.....
Rangers over Pens
Wings over Lightning
Caps over Islanders
Canadiens over Senators
Blues over Wild
Predators over B'Hawks
Ducks over Jets
Canucks over Flames
...till next time, goatspeed

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