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the goat must admit he didn't see Nelson Cruz crushing the ball this good, but he was a big first half player last year too...Paul Goldschmidt is legit




I'm liking what Kemp is doing...great comeback season so far for Votto, the target stated many times he could be a sneaky sleeper, and walla!!...how bought Stephen Vogt, another goat sleeper...366 4hr 12rbi..not too bad...kudos to Kendrick dodgers and Cain from KC who I think could be breaking the f' out...too bad for d'Arnaud, he was off to a great start..I need to see more from McCann from the Yankees, so far he ain't cutting it...but KC's Perez is...in trade I would target C Gattis, Lucroy after his DL stint...1B..love what Morales is doing, Rizzo will do more and A-Gon is legit..Cano can do more and I'm liking Dee Gordon and Pedroia has power stroke going..but if I'm buying low Kipnis, if healthy, is intriguing to say the least Addison Russell of the Cubs....looking at the SS's, Desmond is heating up Hanley will be a factor all year with no errors cause he's playing outfield...Rollins will be solid but more downs than ups..the Rays Cabrera is a good buy low, just look at his consistent career marks..now 3B..I like the plug-and-play multiple pos. eligibility in this kid Valbuena of the Astros..Matt Carpenter is solid..same with Donaldson, Seager, and yes ARod..no need to mention Cabrera, we know it already...now for some buy lows; Chisenhall, Aramis Ramirez, Middlebrooks and Longoria, and to some extent Harrison from the Pirates...OF, buy lows, if you can call it that is Giancarlo...he's heating up but try to convince an owner in year league, he's that good...is like Bryce to have a very good year and I like Will Myers, always like his potential...and buy low on Puig, just don't overpay...Starting Pitcher of the month so far? Scherzer, Archer, Greene, Bauer, Price, Harvey, Degrom, Kazmir?..no but all are great choices...no, it's and tie between Bartolo Colon of the Mets and "last year I guess was no fluke" Alfredo Simon of the Tigers...my buy low list; Walker of the Mariners, any and all of the A's pitchers once they come off the DL and Hamels, who will be traded...as for the closets, hope you all jumped on Soria, but my buy low guy to start the year was Grilli, and with Holland hurt look for Wade Davis to get some chsnces...shout out to Gregerson, Britton, Robertson, Miller and too late to buy cheap Familia....



...just some thoughts from the goat.

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