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...the goat knows all about cheating, deceiving, trying to get an edge, as a matter of fact, I condone it!!...





but I also believe if you get caught, own up to it and take your punishment like a man...so, nothing short of a year suspension for Brady and Belicheck will suffice...why? isn't that too overboard for deflating footballs? Ha ha ha...NO!..the Pats have been caught cheating before and this was done in a Championship game and they tried to cover it up..Goodell hope you have balls, I know you're chummy with Kraft and all....as for other things on the goats' mind..let's see, LeBron is great and he knows he needs to do more and did..series tied at 1 now...I love GS cause of the run and gun but Memphis gets a lot of my respect, such a tough squad...Billy Donavan will do well, he's got the talent...watch out for the Clips...in the NHL, it's all about the crash of the Rangers..in can't tell you how many of their fans were thinking sweep but not the goat...too many one goal games and not enough scoring period, I think 3 goals in a game 2x only, these Rangers were playing on thin ice...in playoff hockey you need a clutch scorer or two and a hot goalie, and the Capitals have both items....for the Rangers and their fans, they need a miracle 3 game comeback or its a bitter bitter disappointment...OUCH...as for the derby, Congrats to FSA's own Cardiff for his huge call in the race....as for the fight of the century?, America and the world has a bunch of morons living in it...if you ever watched Mayweather fight, you should have known what kind of fight this was going to be...yes it's not "exciting", but Mayweather is as skilled as anyone ever...all the other stuff is for show...good for him...so stop the whining bitches, you paid 100 bucks to watch a boring 12 rounder....as for the PacMan, he took the money and now hes crying about a shoulder...Jimmy Connors once said: "if you're injured, don't play, if you play, you're not injured" case fucking closed..sorry Phillipines....as MLB, it's early but Nelson Cruz is doing it but Mariners aren't and where's Cano?...Yankees, despite CC being 0-5, are in first...and every time I want to call Harper of the Nats a big disappointment,  he does something like hit 3HR'S in a game and I see a Stat saying he's the youngest to ever do it...Astros are for real, so are the Royals, no fluke last year..and the Mets, their GM says their just fine, which to me, it says my owners are not willing to add payroll...that's it for now.


Goat Bless America!

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