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Goatland....America, this is not just about deflating of footballs, if it was, the NFL Rulebook states its a 25k fine...no, this is so much more

"A Few Good Men: - Jack Nicholson




its about a franchise who's been caught cheating before, its about a QB who knew and decided to cover it up and not help in the investigation..and if he knew Belicheat knew..the NFL's shining franchise is not so...Rules are essential.  If you do not have Rules you have chaos!!..I know Ray Rice only got 2 games and he hit his wife, but hes a beater, not a cheater...yes in the real world its much more serious all these domestic violence stuff, but in the NFL or any sport, nothing is more sacred than the rules...baseball and all its steroid problems know this well, players who used PED's cheated, and now the Golden Boy, Tom Brady will go down forever as a HOF'er ofcourse but also as a cheater...see the penalty should have been harsher, coach Belicheat should have been suspended as well, just like Sean Payton of the Saints for allowing something like this to happen under his watch..and rumors are there is evidence out there that this has been going on a long time...oh I wish I could interrogate Coach, I will make him squirm like Tom Cruise  made Jack Nicholson in a "Few Good Men".."you cant handle the truth" " I gave the code red"!!!....the smoking gun could come from either of the 2 employees who make peanuts compared to Brady, Belicheat and Krafty, both have been suspended and im hoping one or both decide to rat!!!....all you new England fans, deal with it, your team has never won a superbowl without cheating, from spygate to deflate gate..ha ha ha ha

.................now that that is out of my system, lets peak into the NHL playoffs...Rangers have their shot, game 7, are they ready?..i say yes, cause no, would be a colossal loss for the franchise and their fans..the Habs are making things interesting, if they can take game 6, and that's a bi if, they have the advantage over a young lightning team..in the West, Blackhawks are resting up and I see them in the finals cause I see them beating either ducks or flames...in the NBA, Lebron is back to the headband and back to leading his team...this series is an all out war...I still go with Cavs, especially if Gasol is out...I like the Hawks too, no Wall hurts the Wiz...in the West, I like the Clips, I like them a lot..Harden plays no defense.never.ever.and Howard is good, but not great.a shame really.he should be the best with his skills and physical traits...GSW vs. Memphis is a battle that I think GSW will survive, barely...as for MLB, some top prospects have been called up (kris Bryant Cubs) and more are coming like this Franco kid from Phils, I would be all over that...we are witnessing some break out season already like Cain from Royals, Pineda Yankees and Harper Nats, and some good comeback years like Fielder from the Rangers, Texeira of the Yankees and dare I say A-Rod?...but there is still plenty of baseball to play,plenty, plenty, plenty...one of the keys to fantasy is to stay in-tuned with every single movement going on...are you aware the Marlins are talking to Rafael Soriano to be their closer?..are you aware how well Shelby Miller is pitching?..do you know how good Archie Bradley is?..are you aware Kellsey Jensen is almost back from the DL?..this and more, get it? got it? good...



till next time...Goat Bless America.

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