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.....sorry folks.  GoatLand had to go dark for an extended period of time due to the fact, contractually against my will, I am owned by Fantasy Sport Action. In other words, I am the Commissioner's subordinate. 






("I can't fucking believe this is happening to me"). It's true.  My previous attorney, had me sign a bad deal....my current representatives are trying to rectify this, but in the mean time, on the Kkommissioners whim, he blocks me off the site....some sort of sadistic power trip....I don't know except that I want out....


....while I'm live, let's get to the good stuff....goat thought #1. ?????   NBA Finals...i pray that LeBron and the Cacs win. I won't be mad if GSW, but i would be disappointed King would lose out on the crown...FULL DISCLOSURE...LBJ is the greatest player EVER!...the betting line has the Cavs a huge underdog...this series comes down to this.do you take the best team? or do you go with the best player....NHL Finals...so Rangers, just couldn't score enough...example; Nash, 28 home playoff games as a Ranger, one goal. Yup that's it. 1 goal. Ouch. That won't cut it anywhere especially not in NY..also, I  guess the best goalie doesn't always win a series..also, the President's Cup, given to the best team in reg. season, Rangers this year...well, it's nit that important...I believe in the last 20 years, only 3 have won the Cup....to the Belmont...the ghoat will be rooting hard for Americam Pharoah..I want to see a Triple Crown, I just want to...now  to MLB..the goat will be posting an in depth look at each team..division race and how that will impact your fantasy team....stay tuned....till then a few shout outs..surprise team TWINS...surprise players..TEX and AROD of the Yanks...best rookie, i like that Tomas kid in Arizona but Bryant too of Cubs...best player in league? Still TROUT but HARPER is doing it...best Pitcher, starter STILL KERSHAW, but Baumgartner has  kicked his  ass lately..Closer, how but the duo of BETANCES and MILLER of the Yanks, wow...till then some quick thoughts...back to the NBA, and more specific Wilt Chamberlain...everyone has heard about his records in basketball and in his love life..he with the estimated 20k partners...well, most shocking is that with all those conquests, not one child. Not one. Never. Shocking. We got dudes in professional sports with 8 or 9, not Wilt....the world is fascinated with Caitlyn Jenner, what the fucking is this world up to...the Kardashian clan will be Billionaires all because the world is filled with stupid people...ugh..French Open, not interested. WOMAN'S World Cup..go USA, other than that not much interest...GOLF..I really am rooting for Tiger, but what a pussy, he's crying about breaking up with VONN,hmm he has a point, she's hot...the goat took an unofficial, unscientific poll 5 minutes ago...I asked 5 women, ranging from a  single 20something to a mother of 3...I asked if they would vote for Hillary just because she is a women?...all 5 said YES.YES.YES.YES.YES....I'm done.


....goat bless America

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