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Last we heard of the goat, our protagonist, is on the run, running from whom, and why, still unclear, yet on the run.....in a moment of "stilled silence", our hero found a moment to jot this down...

Seattle Mariners





        "LeBron is the best player in the history of the NBA, yet will be judged by his uneven Finals record"...I think Scottie was a better wingman than Dellabadova was for James....lol..congrats to GSW!!..they had the better team and switched gears and Cavs couldn't keep up...based on my 30 plus years of watching NBA basketball, Curry is one of the great shooters...what makes him great, is that he dribbles to create his own shot better than anyone I've ever seen...congrats to the Blackhawks...3 in 6 years is sort of a Dynasty, especially in salary cap era....to MLB, A-Rod about to get his 3k hit, yeah, ugh at the same time..AL East is so average...I fir one think the Astros will keep it up, same with Twins...Cards, despite similarities with NE Patriots,lol lol lol, is best organization in baseball...I would but low on Robinson Cano..seriously, .230 hitter with 2 Hr's...Mariners must love paying that contract....Stanton so far is worth 300 million...did that just happen?, did the goat just say that?..Kershaw looks human...maybe that will make him a better post season pitcher....I've lost a lot if interest in fantasy, and I think it's because, without steroids in baseball, offenses are down and it's really not much fun...goat digs offense....Omar Infante, leading the ballot box for ASG with his .212 avg, might not even be a starter anymore..lol..oh how I love chaos...baseball deserves it for letting schmucks at home vote a gazillion times...

...time to go...goat speed.

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