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...tucked away in a safe house somewhere in Mexico, the goat also known in these parts as 'el-goato', will be back, on a limited, more of a monthly basis, for his favorite blog site, FANTASY SPORT ACTION...




el goato will be sharing his thoughts and insights on his some of hisfavorite subjects, such as sports, chics, politics and a whole slew of in the moment news worthy topics...its good to be back and able to communicate without any NSA intervention...but beware, this operation could shut down in an instant....that being said...WTF is Cam Newton saying...dude got bitch slapped in the biggest game then was too much of a pussy, or a quitter at the end of the game not going after his own fumble when the game was still just a one possession contest at the time...sad ending for a great year but then the punk made it worse and keeps making it worse with what hes said and done since...hes got a long way to go to be the shiny star of the NFL..only dude worse is johnny manziel, duchebag all the way...all year things were easy, then at the 1st sight of turmoil, he folded and bad...now dude needs to win the Superbowl to redeem his own haunting gaffes...sucker...4 da record, el-goato was not the least surprised Denver won..Defenses win SuperBowls, isnt that the mantra? suckers, el goato took 6 points and is laughing all the way to village bodega....Manning please retire..great career but its time...ok no more NFL, lets move on..pitchers and catchers this week, wow....NBA slam dunk contest was the shizzit...so was all the other skillz competitions..thoroughly enjoyed it..that dude from Orlando, wow, despite not winning, had 2 of the best dunks ive seen...am i the only one who would bang each and everyone of the Kardashian women? not including Caitlyn ofcourse?..lol...dont think so..but that family is crazy.they destroy everyone in their path, pure former Bruce Jenner..hes definately taking d*ck now.speaking of crazy, m a Yeezy fan, his new joint "no more parties in LA is fire.. and Justin Beiber, i like alot...there i admitted it...just in case your wondering, the Mexicans here hope Trump builds a wall, they just want China to pay for it, not them...they are not the ones trying to come over anymore, they think Obama made America shit, i tend to agree...Trumpo! Trumpo! Trumpo!...time for siesta, more to follow...

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